How Important Are Online Reviews For Your Business?

Ask yourself this, after you’ve just had a good experience at a local business; How likely are you to leave that business a review online? 

In today’s society, reviews have never been as important as they are now. The pandemic has taught us that there has been a significant shift in how consumers search for information about local businesses. Reviews are usually the first port of call in connecting with your business before moving on to a competitor. To stay competitive, it’s time to proactively protect your online reputation.

Why reviews are important

There is no denying consumer trust in businesses is fading and gone are the days where reviews are just a nice thing to have. Apart from trusted recommendations from family and friends, consumers are increasingly turning to online reviews for social proof when purchasing or deciding on a service. Let’s be honest who isn’t more likely to buy when someone around us has? 

Consumers aren’t just looking for that 5 star rating next to your name on google or product review, there’s a little more depth to it these days. They are looking at the quality of the reviews, quantity, consistency and expect companies to actively respond to their comments good and the bad. 

According to Podium research reviews influence 88% of consumers in discovering a local business, with 47% willing to pay more at a business with higher reviews.

Reviews give you an open line of communication with your customers. You can respond to positive feedback with thanks or even a promotion and quickly rectify any poor comments and show your audience that you genuinely care about your brand’s reputation.

How to get reviews + respond to reviews 

The real question now is, how do you get your customers to sing praise and leave these glowing reviews? 

There are several ways businesses can encourage customers to leave reviews to try and build their online reputation. The first thing to consider is what approach is achievable for your business.


Many businesses opt to offer customers additional discounts like free shipping or discount codes on their next order if they leave a review about their recent purchase or experience. Incentivising customers is one of the most common approaches to leveraging reviews. 

Ask in Person 

If a customer lets you know they are happy with their purchase, why not ask them to leave a review for other potential customers to help spread the word. Many people are happy to leave a review. Sometimes all you need to do is ask. 


They do say timing is everything, so remember to consider a customer’s journey and when they would be most satisfied before asking for a review for example:

  • When a customer reorders
  • Refers new customers
  • Tags a social post 
  • Spends significant time looking at other products and services on your website

Customers who have had a good experience are usually happy to leave reviews when asked. 

As you’ve read through this blog post people have been searching for businesses just like yours. The question now is,  where does your online reputation sit and will they find and choose you? 

Need help encouraging your customers to review your products or services? Get in touch with us today to see how Feed can help you!