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Business Manager

Don’t let lockouts hold you back – reclaim your digital territory today!

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Locked out of your Meta Business Manager?

Don’t stress – Feed can help! We know the frustration whether you’ve been locked out due to a hacking or because someone else created the assets, never gave you access and now no longer work for you.

Whatever the reason we’ve heard them all an our expert team, granted Tier 1 access by Meta, has the access you need to help resolve your issue swiftly. Regaining access can take anywhere from 5-15 hours, depending on the issue, but we’ve successfully resolved this for all 25 clients. That’s a 100% strike rate.

Simply complete our online form below and let us handle the rest.

Gain peace of mind and regain control of your Facebook and Instagram Business Manager today!


Our Simple Process:

  1. Fill Out Our Online Form: Provide your business details.
  2. Give Us The Run Down: Explain the situation as best as you understand it.
  3. We’ll get you to sign some documents: Once we’ve ascertained the issue and given you a list of required documents to supply we’ll submit the application to Meta for review.
  4. Secure Access to Facebook Assets: We secure access to your Meta assets and pass them onto you.

Don’t let lockouts hold you back – reclaim your digital territory today!

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