Running Social Competitions With Gleam

Here at Feed, we use Gleam for a number of our clients and we LOVE how simple it is to use, both in the backend when setting it up and for the customers when entering your competitions. If you’re getting ready to create your own competition, keep reading for our hot tips! is a Melbourne based business that offers a suite of apps designed to help grow your business. Gleam’s apps include:

  • Capture

A website pop-up that can help grow your mailing list

  • Competitions

A templated webpage or embedded form that you can host on your own site to run a giveaway and encourage social media visits, website visits and email subscribes

  • Social galleries

This enables your business to build beautiful galleries that are fed by social images from competitions and #hashtags. These can be used to show off photo competition entries, embed user generated content on your site or use at events to show social media posts from attendees

  • Rewards

Rewards allow you to build instant redeem coupons, redirects or downloads to help you engage your customers & drive sales

The benefits of running a competition on Gleam:

  • The ability to encourage growth in multiple channels instead of just the channel hosting your giveaway is one of the best benefits of using Gleam
  • The certainty that you aren’t getting spam entrants thanks to Gleam’s verified entries
  • Being able to host your competition on your own website keeps traffic on your site and is beneficial for your remarketing efforts
  • Gleam’s Quick Draw process makes selecting a random winner easy and hassle-free
  • The unlimited entry method combination means your competition can align with all your marketing goals – eg. page growth, website traffic, video views, email signups and much more
  • It’s an affordable option with a subscription costing just $49USD/month. You can cancel once your competition is finished with no additional costs 

Gleam’s competition widget boasts an average conversion rate of 36% across all campaigns. To put that into perspective, a ‘good’ social media based giveaway campaign conversion rate is around 10% – so Gleam really offers an improvement on the traditional giveaway formats. 

When should you use a giveaway?

Competitions are ideal to use when you’re looking to:

  • ​​Launch a new product, service or storefront/location
  • Promote an upcoming event
  • Grow your audiences – page followers, mailing lists, text lists, etc.
  • Increase reach and engagement

Your giveaway can be anything from tickets to attend your event to a product range and everything in between, so long as your audience can see the value in handing over their details to win. 

We’ve used it and here are some of the results for our clients:

  • 3,300 total actions performed (email sign-ups, social media visits and referrals)
  • 1442 number of email sign-ups from one campaign
  • A conversion rate of 34.97%
  • 4,123 impressions 

All within just two weeks!

If you need some guidance on creating a giveaway schedule for the year, or implementing any upcoming competitions, get in touch with us today to see how Feed can help you!