Geelong Flower Farm

Geelong Flower Farm is a cherished local business serving Geelong, the Bellarine, and Western Victoria. With a commitment to premium quality, this locally owned and operated establishment curates only the finest fresh-cut flowers from its deep-rooted experience in horticulture. Its dedicated team provides exceptional customer service, fostering a welcoming and joyful atmosphere for all visitors.

What we did + still do

Using the Shopify platform, we transformed Geelong Flower Farm’s outdated and clunky website into a seamless online experience. We tackled the issues of poor user experience head-on, implementing intuitive design elements to ensure smooth navigation for visitors. Additionally, we addressed their challenges with running special promotions streamlining the process to enhance customer engagement and boost sales.

Our commitment to Geelong Flower Farm extends beyond website optimisation. We continue to manage their social media advertising campaigns, leveraging targeted strategies to reach their audience effectively. By crafting engaging content and monitoring campaign performance, we help Geelong Flower Farm maintain a strong online presence and drive meaningful engagement with its brand.

The outcome

“Feed Digital helped Geelong Flower Farm create a whole new website and we couldn’t be happier. Marie and Brad did an exceptional job and we are looking forward to working with them on our marketing strategy.”

Paige Beekmans