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Strategies for when you need to know the who, what, when, where and how!

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Digital marketing strategies provide the overarching link between your digital marketing channels, so that you understand what platforms are used to communicate which message, to what target audience. It’s the best way to ensure that everyone worth targeting is being hit with the right messaging at the right time, maximising the clicks, calls + buys!

A digital marketing strategy can be a great way to take a pause, audit your situation, assess who you target, identify your true business goals and develop an action plan for achieving them. Sprinkle some metrics in, for measuring success along the way and it’s the best darn recipe for attaining business growth.

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A digital marketing agency that drives results.

Servicing nationally Feed brings big city digital marketing agency experience to small businesses in our home town, Geelong.

Is a digital strategy for me?

If your marketing isn’t planned, if you’ve got a few good ideas you want to bring to life, if you’re after a roadmap for planned success – then a digital strategy is for you.

A multi-channel appraoch

Our strategies typically cover Content marketing, Inbound lead generation, Conversion optimisation, Email, SEO, Social, Advertising, PPC, Websites for growth and Reporting and Analytics.

How do you drive results?

Your marketing must have an impact. Feed focuses on true business metrics which we refine over time, to maximise conversion rates and qualified lead generation.

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Not just for the new kids on the block.

As the digital marketing industry as a whole grows and develops, so too does your audience in the channels they use and the way they consume media. A digital strategy isn’t just for new business owners, they’re for the business owner who has tried the same approach year-on-year and is left wondering why their business hasn’t achieved growth, or for the business owner pouring money into their marketing, not really sure why?!

It’s a team effort.

We can’t develop a strategy without your involvement. No one knows your business like you and we need to understand the idiosyncrasies that makes your business tick. This is so we can best develop strategies for targeting even the absolute micro of audiences, if they’re worth it.

The finer details.

We commence our digital strategies with a 2-3 hour workshop which helps us to understand the lay of the land before our creative juices start flowing. The strategy itself takes between 20 – 50 hours to develop, depending on the size of the marketing plan, channels used and level of intricacy. Post development we often work with clients to develop the elements needed to deliver on the business goals and objectives both on retainer and project piece basis.

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