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Be seen by potential customers at every stage of the customer purchase lifecycle.

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Feed your search marketing.

Heard the saying the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google? It’s a bit crass but it makes a valid point.

Potential customers use search at every stage of the product and decision-making lifecycle. They use it when they are becoming aware of the need for a product, during the discovery stage and when they’re forming their considered set, before they make the decision to purchase.

What if you knew all the searches that triggered these stages and put your brand front and centre? It’s a recipe for good business and the best part about it is growing your brand doesn’t have to be difficult. The only thing you need to start with is a website that isn’t prohibitive in getting results.

So, what are your Search Marketing options? Feed offers Search Engine Optimisation and Google AdWords and Shopping commonly known as Pay-Per-Click. Both ongoing monthly services offered on a no lock-in retainer.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Get more eyes on your website content and that means more traffic, more clients, and more sales


AdWords or Pay-Per-Click

Take control of your destiny by setting your targeting, your budget and your ads to reach more customers


Google Shopping

Sell products to the shoppers who matter most—the ones looking for what you offer, whether they’re at home, on the go, or in-store.


SEO Agency Geelong - Feed

Search Engine Optimisation

When it comes to SEO there are a few things Google looks for when positioning your website over a competitor. Authority, Relevance and Trust.

These three elements essentially control the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and they need to be built over a long timeframe. In other words, Google needs to know you legitimately want to do better for your customers and aren’t just in it for the short term.

How does SEO work? It’s about building a series of signals to Google about what it is you are trying to rank for – keywords or key phrases. The more specific you are with your keywords and information you provide on your website, the more chances of success you’ll have in attaining results.

At Feed we work with you to formulate a list of keywords, perform onsite and offsite SEO techniques and report on our success monthly.

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Google Adwords Geelong - Feed

Google AdWords or Pay-Per-Click

The other side to SEO is Ads – this is where you pay to be positioned on page one of the SERP.

Here you’re in control of what message you send to your prospective audience to get them to click, call or buy. Feed works with you to develop your strategy then we implement by formulating the list of keywords, create the adcopy – adding extensions where appropriate, setting up tracking and provide monthly bid adjustments, campaign refinement and reporting.

We put emphasis on high-quality ads as they receive up to 15% more clicks or conversions, compared to poor-quality ads.

Let Feed work with you to deliver a Google Ad Campaign that delivers targeted traffic to your website.

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Google Shopping Ads Geelong - Feed Digital

Google Shopping Ads

Sell products to the shoppers who matter most—the ones looking for what you offer, whether they’re at home, on the go, or in-store.

Google Shopping is a service that allows consumers to search, compare, and shop for physical products across different retailers who have paid to advertise their products. This is also known as a Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE). Google Shopping results show up as thumbnail images that display each product’s retailer, price, star rating and or promotional offer.

Shopping ads provide you with better qualified leads, a broader online presence, boost in traffic to your website or physical store, and helps promote your inventory.

If you’re ready to reach the right shoppers with the right products drop us a line today and see how we can help!

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Reach Greatness, Go Multichannel!

If you’re looking for an integrated marketing approach chat to us about your inbound marketing strategy. We’ll develop a plan on steroids that delivers a considered content plan across your Website, Email, Google and Social Media.


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