The Q Train

Never before has Australia seen a heritage rail line used for showcasing local food, wine, beer and cider. The Q Train invites locals and visitors alike to come aboard the restored carriages and enjoy a gastronomical journey unlike anything else you have experienced.

The Q Train Geelong - Feed Digital

What we did + still do

The Q Train came to us having never done any online advertising, traditionally using radio as their medium. Feed delivered a digital plan that sough to lift their presence online via social media ads and management with a sprinkle of consultation used for email marketing. Since working with Q Train, we’ve been able to assist in increasing The Q Train’s brand awareness across Victoria; and implement a strategy that continues to see an increase in ticket sales with a minimum of 10 time Return On Advertising Spend.

The Q Train Geelong - Feed Digital

The outcome

We’d always put social ads in the ‘too hard’ basket. But Marie and the team explained their proposed plan so clearly that we had every confidence that they could see it through. It’s been a seamless, easy experience that has seen us reach a whole new audience and welcome new diners to enjoy our one of a kind experience. They have crafted an engaging message online that sees our advertising dollar return more value month on month.

– Marie-Claire Trotter, Owner