Remarketing Explained

What is remarketing?

All advertising platforms use remarketing – from Google to Facebook, there’s no one that won’t remarket to you. But what exactly is remarketing?

Simply put, remarketing is a form of online advertising designed to reach users who have experienced a brand in some way, shape or form. It’s all about targeting the potential customer on several occasions. Personalising each message as we go along, and encouraging the user to move along the conversion funnel. 

Remarketing vs Retargeting

Remarketing is the overall umbrella term used for re-engaging customers. It’s more general and should offer extra information, or value, to your potential customers.

While retargeting specifically refers to the showing of ads to customers based on cookies stored on a website. These cookies store data about a user’s visit that are utilised to showcase specific ads based on website interaction. Retargeting aims to re-engage the user and encourage them to take action whatever the conversion goal.  

How can you use remarketing ads to your advantage? 

We recommend using remarketing to show your audience what they might have missed from their last visit to your website. Remarketing ads are a great tool for showing an already familiar audience further information to get them on board. You can share more in-depth insight into your brand’s background, offer a discount code, share testimonials, showcase new product releases or demonstrate the added benefits of your product/service.

For example, let’s say you operate an e-commerce business that sells kids clothing. You might create a remarketing ad that shows people that have visited your site (but not made a purchase) where the fabric used to create your clothing is sourced from. This further educates the potential customer and helps them make an informed purchase decision. You already know they are in the market for kids clothes, and now you can further educate them to draw them back to finalise the purchase, perhaps with a special offer like free shipping.

Why is remarketing important?

There are several good reasons to utilise remarketing. however, the most important is that it drives up your conversion rate. Remarketing ads remind people that they’re interested in your brand and keeps you front and centre when the time to convert arrives.

Are you ready to start using remarketing ads?

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